B8020’s Strategic Business Consulting Expertise

B8020 focuses on enhancing business performance of its clients by providing IT, Marketing, Advertising, Public relations and related services.

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B8020 is a strategic business consulting company our expertise is on enhancing business performance of our clients by providing Design, IT, Marketing, Advertising & Public relations services.

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Research provides perception

Through intensive research and strategic evaluation, we gain insight into a client’s brand identity, consumer base existing assets, and key Market opportunities. Using this knowledge as a springboard for design, we ensure that every recommendation fulfils the needs of both company and consumer


Perception turns into Idea and Design

Intangibles become tangibles as we work to distil a single, actionable course from the wide range of initial concepts. Throughout the design phase, we review and refine each facet of the work in response to user testing, client feedback, and strategic analysis – an interactive process that ensures full consideration of the technological, cultural and business impact of design.


Ideas and design become reality

In order to guarantee the accurate translation of the idea to reality, all project details are specified, documented, and delivered to the client for implementation. In many cases, we oversee the production process itself, facilitating partnerships, provide training, managing development, and providing support as necessary.

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